Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner | Professional Golf Club Cleaner Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner | Professional Golf Club Cleaner Ultrasonic
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Product Description

Sharpertek Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner; Start Generating Extra Income Today!

Our new models of ultrasonic golf club cleaners will quickly and effortlessly remove dirt from golf clubs both golf club heads and rubber grips. Clean golf club heads enable you to get better spin on the ball, so that you can shoot farther and more accurately. Cleaner grips will give you better control of the club to help you play your best game. This ultrasonic cleaner saves you the work of scrubbing your clubs clean, while restoring the clubs so they look brand new!

Revenue Generating Machine:

If you are an owner or manager of a golf course, or a person interested in starting a business by setting up golf club cleaning vending machine at golf courses, you may be interested in setting up a machine at your golf course for your customers to use - for a fee of course! If your course has about 200 golfers per day, and only 10% of them decide to clean their clubs in the ultrasonic cleaner for $10 per cleaning, you could make $200 that day! Assuming the golf course is open 7 days per week, and 6 months out of the year, you could make approximately $36,000 each year!++

If you currently have caddies clean the clubs, you are spending too much time and money paying them to do the job that an ultrasonic cleaner can do in a couple of minutes for very little cost! Our token-operated (or credit card) machine makes it easy for you to collect this huge profit - golfers who want to clean their clubs will purchase tokens from your Pro Shop, and then take the tokens over to the machine to clean their clubs. The token-operated (or credit card) machine makes it easy for you to make money and convenient for your customers to clean their clubs!

Price per Cleaning: $10
Cleanings per Day: 20
Days per Month: x              30
Earnings per Month: $6,000
Months per Year: x                6
Earnings per 6-Month Golf Season:++   $36,000

++While we believe these figures are reasonable, We cannot make any guaranties regarding how much money an owner will make each year. Actual earnings will vary depending on a number of different factors, including the number of golfers using the course and the marketing efforts by the owner.


  • Made in Detroit, MI, USA!
  • Very reliable, powerful, industrial-quality transducers
  • Can clean golf clubs in as little as two minutes
  • 14-Guage Stainless Steel tank and body
  • Temperature-controlled heating
  • We can custom make these units per your specification if needed!
  • 2-year warranty


  • 17 gallon tank - big enough for two complete sets of golf clubs.
  • Tank dimensions: 22" 12" 15" (LWH)
  • Unit dimensions: 35" 33" 35" (LWH)
  • Digital timer that can be set in 5-minute increments
  • Price listed does not include vending unit, it operates manually.  Credit card vending ability will cost less than $950 additional.
  • Shipping Fee will be calculated upon request as we need destination details.  Shipping fees shown are not accurate.

At this price, the coin-operated (or credit card-operated) cleaner is a perfect investment for golf courses. It provides a source of revenue for the golf course while providing a valuable service to the golfers who golf there.

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