Custom Made Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner | Order Custom Made Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner

Custom Made Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner | Order Custom Made Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner
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Custom Made Heated Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner. Order a Custom Made Ultrasonic Cleaner made specifically for parts and items you need cleaned. Need an ultrasonic cleaner with custom design and specifications that you do not find on our website? Please request quote by sending an email to and specify the dimensions you need.

How large are the items that you intend to clean? How large do you think the tank needs to be? We will recommend tank size as well... What are the items made of? What are you cleaning off of the items? Grease, tarnish, oxidation, dirt, grime etc... What cleaning chemicals would you use? We will recommend cleaning solution as well... Do you need heat and regulated heating capability? What frequency do you need? 40 KHz cleans small dirt particles such as in medical labs, jewelry, tarnished metals... 28 KHz cleans larger particles such as grease, heavy oil, carburetors ... We will suggest best fit. 28 KHz may be more expensive than 40 KHz in certain cases... Quoted Machines Come with the Following:

Cover Ultrasonic digital controller Drain faucet with valve Heating capability with heat control: heat can stay on while machine is not running (only applicable if heat is requested in quote) Adjustable feet to prevent rocking Power cable Internal high power relay controller All 304 stainless steel tank and outer body Free training and support

Ultrasonic Parts Clearners.We design and fabricate Ultrasonic Cleaners, degreasers and washers to any specifications at no additional cost. The below units are an example of sizes and costs for standard systems. All of our large and industrial ultrasonic cleaners are fabricated in the USA. We can vary ultrasonic and heat power to match our customers' needs.

All machines include heat and cover. These machines are 27 KHz. They are designed to be used for parts cleaning. These machines are not designed to clean jewelry, guns, or micro parts. Actual item may look slightly different from the picture. All specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Have questions regarding our products? Email us at and a sales associate will help you. Sales Tel: 248-340-0342