Buy Professional Steam Jewelry Cleaner | Industrial Strength Jewelry Cleaner

Buy Professional Steam Jewelry Cleaner | Industrial Strength Jewelry Cleaner
Item# S-1200
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Product Description

Professional Jewelry Steam Cleaner by SHARPERTEK®

This Prefessional Grade Steam Cleaner by SHARPERTEK uses the amazing power of steam to clean your jewelry. The machine comes with a foot pedal for easy operation. For years, professional jewelers have been using steam to produce the brand-new look for their jewelry, and now you can too! The Jewelry Steam Cleaner requires NO CHEMICALS to produce its amazing results - it uses only 42 oz. of tap water (distilled water required for heavy, prolonged use).

Tank Size and Pressure:

Our machine comes with a 1.7 liter tank (almost 2 quarts). This tank is significantly larger than most of our competitors' tanks, so you don't have to refill it as often when cleaning lots of jewelry. Similarly, our tank can maintain over 40 psi of pressure, while some other steamers barely get to 30 psi. That's 30% more pressure for getting your jewelry to sparkle like new! This is a Professional Jewelry Steam Cleaner, not a cheap toy like some other steamers out there. Please compare our steamer's tank size and pressure with other manufacturer's steamers to make sure you are getting a professional steam cleaner!

Jewelry Cleaner Features:

Foot pedal for easy operation. 35 to 50 PSI operating pressure This steam cleaner was designed by mechanical engineers for the jewelry business NO CHEMICALS (uses only tap or distilled water) - so it's both convenient and safe for the environment! Multiple safety features for your protection Self-regulating temperature Durable steel shell Wide, stable base Comes with steamer tweezers Comes with fill cup and funnel Comes with a basket for holding jewelry during cleaning Produces no mess to clean up Dimensions: 11" Long, 7" high, 8" wide 1 year warranty! Professional cleaning results at an unbelievable value!

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